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Premium Essential Oils

Welcome to the world of essential oils, where nature's concentrated botanical extracts offer a multitude of potential benefits for both you and your pets! With so many essential oil brands on the market, choosing the right one can be a challenge. That's where doTERRA comes in. doTERRA isn't just another essential oil brand; they're a leader in the industry, setting the bar for quality, purity, and responsible sourcing. Ready to explore the vast array of doTERRA essential oils? Browse their extensive collection and find the perfect ones to incorporate into your wellness routine! Not sure which oils are safe for your pet? Continue on to learn more or simply skip to your personal shop! In the following sections, we'll delve deeper into the reasons why doTERRA stands out, explore the safe use of essential oils for your pets, and introduce our educational courses designed to empower you to use essential oils confidently and effectively.

Premium Pet Supplies

Discover a curated collection of premium pet supplies designed to elevate your pet s life. From nourishing gourmet treats to stylish accessories and eco-friendly toys, we offer only the best for your beloved companion. Shop with confidence knowing each product is thoughtfully chosen for its quality, functionality, and ability to bring joy to your pet's world. Let us help you pamper your pet with the love and care they deserve.

Featured Products

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Pest Repel

Summer's Best Friend

Citronella oil, known for its insect-repellent properties, can offer some benefits for pets, but its use requires careful consideration and adherence to safety guidelines. Potential Benefits: Flea and Tick Repellent: Citronella oil can help deter fleas and ticks, offering a natural alternative to chemical-based repellents. However, its effectiveness may vary, and it's essential to consult with a veterinarian before applying it to your pet's fur. Outdoor Pest Deterrent: Diffusing citronella oil or using citronella candles outdoors can create a more pleasant environment for pets by discouraging mosquitos and other bothersome insects.

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Joint Support

Joint Support

DGP is based on an herbal blend that Australia’s top veterinarians and herbalists created to ease the joint discomfort of thoroughbred racehorses. Horse racing is a big business in Australia, and these sleek, beautiful animals depend on their mobility for swiftness. They can’t afford to be slowed down. By tweaking this proprietary herbal blend, these master herbalists discovered that it worked for dogs, too. DGP soothes aching joints, supports connective tissue repair, enhances mobility and demeanor, and is a great joint supplement for pets. • Provide support for joint mobility and flexibility • Without harsh pharmaceuticals • Support energy, health, and happiness

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Gut Health

Gut & Immune Support

All natural and soil derived, ION* Gut Support For Pets is a supplement in name only, seeking not to add but to connect. It utilizes our innovative blend, Terrahydrite®, to get to the root of pet health, defending them from environmental allergens and supporting cell-to-cell communication. Stronger communication leads to a stronger gut leads to a healthier cat or dog. ION* starts at the foundation of microbiome health and lets their body’s innate strength take care of the rest.

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