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Elevate Your dōTERRA® Business: Become the Go-To Pet Wellness Specialist

Learn from a pet industry leader and tap into the booming pet wellness market with essential oil expertise.

As a dōTERRA® Leader, you're passionate about empowering others with natural wellness solutions. Now, expand your expertise into the thriving pet wellness market. Become the trusted resource for pet owners, industry professionals, and elevate your business with targeted marketing strategies.


Learn alongside, a recognized authority in pet wellness and pioneer of innovative pet therapies to gain comprehensive knowledge in safe and effective essential oil use for animals and earn your Master Pet Aromatherapist certification.

The Power of Pet Wellness


The global pet care market was valued at around $246.66 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach $427.75 billion by 2032. (Source: Fortune Business Insights)This growth is fueled by pet owners seeking holistic solutions to support their animal companions' well-being.

Master Pet Aromatherapist Program


Designed for dōTERRA® leaders, pet lovers and professionals seeking to expand their business and expertise into the lucrative pet wellness industry.Master essential oil safety, species-specific applications, and business strategies for the pet market.Online format for flexible learning.

Jenna, a Natural Health Care Provider, pioneered the first international online Certified Pet Nutritionist (CPN) course. With expertise in human and animal wellness, she's worked with world-renowned medical facilities, Olympians (human and animal), and founded a detox spa. Now, Jenna is dedicated to empowering others and building a collaborative community of wellness leaders.

Join us May 30th @ 6pm MT for a Pet Leadership Wellness Webinar! Learn how essential oils can transform pet's health and wellbeing from culinary to pest control, our educational program and turning your existing knowledge into wisdom for the pet community.

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