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Discover Pomagrante: Seeds of Life.  Our comprehensive preconception cleanse and nutrition program for men and women. Our program is designed to help detoxify your body, balance hormones, and nourish healthy eggs and sperm. With comprehensive labs (blueprint) expert supplemental care, personalized menu planning, and more, we ensure every step of your journey towards parenthood is supported holistically and naturally. Join us in creating the healthiest foundation for your future family. Feel vibrant, balanced, and ready for the miracle of life.


Labs and products are a seperate fee

Programs are 90 days. 

Intial Conslultation, 

Pomagrante: Seeds of Life - Blue Print

  • A 120-day, completley customized, purifcation, clinical/holistic nutrition, and wellness program with personalized follow-ups, email/video information, private diaries, and meal plans + breakdown of the program and its estimated cost:

    Program Components:

    Initial Assessment (90 minutes):

    • Comprehensive health history review
    • Review of Lab results - Blueprint
    • Discussion of goals, challenges, and current lifestyle
    • Initial detox, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations
    • Customized Wellness program - Blueprint
    • Personalized supplement and wellness product conceigre service
    •  $400 Standard 
    • $600 Blueprint

    Bi-Weekly Personal Consultations (6 sessions total):

    • 45-60 minutes each
    • Review progress, address challenges, and adjust recommendations
    • Personalized coaching and support
    • $150 per session ($600 standard - $850 lab follow-ups)

    Personalized Meal Plans (Weekly):

    • Customized to individual needs and preferences
    • Including grocery lists and recipes
    • Modified as goals and peaks are accessed
    • $150 per week ($800 total)

    Private Online Diary/Journal:

    • Secure platform for tracking food, mood, exercise, and other relevant data
    • Facilitates personalized feedback and coaching
    • HIPPA compliant Telehealth & platforms
    • Estimated cost: Included in overall program fee

    Email/Video Support:

    • Access to practitioner for questions and support between sessions
    • Educational videos and resources on relevant topics
    • Estimated cost: Included in overall program fee

    Additional Resources (Optional):

    • Supplement recommendations via personal dispensary 10% premium prducts to over 375 premium products - For life
    • Personal account and for world leader in Essential Oils for internal, topical, aroma, culinary and health enhancing - For life
    • Functional lab testing (at additional cost) - Blueprint
    • Trial to our exclusive membership program
    • Access to all of our complementary offerings 
    • Customized Wellness program 
    • Discounts on selective services

    Total Estimated Cost:

    The total cost of this 90-day program excluidng products and labs:

    $2,250 Blueprint  ($750 monthly, $187.5 weekly) 

    $1,800 Standard ($600 monthly, $150 weekly)

    Additional Considerations:

    • Insurance Coverage:  We do not bill insurance directly, however, depending on your insurance plan, some of the costs may be covered by insurance.


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